Keep your germs away from me!

December 3, 2016 3 comments

I hate catching a cold. But sometimes the germs and viruses sneak into our home like a Trojan horse. In the form of my husband for example!

Keep your distance!

When my husband came home from work last Friday, coughing and sniffling pathetically, I told him to keep his distance! I even did that gesture. You know the one, where you cross your two index fingers?!

But unfortunately he lives in the same house, and sleeps in the same bed. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before he managed to spread his germs.

Everything hurts....

Now I'm sitting here feeling like I got hit by a bus. My head hurts, my ears hurt and my nose is stuffed.

It's a good thing I promised to stay with him 'in sickness and in health.'