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Freedom: is having no loans?



Can you imagine there used to be a time when you didn't have to take out a loan to buy a house? You just found yourself a piece of land you liked. And then you build a house on it. From trees you cut down with your own bare hands. Or maybe with the help of an axe.

Who has the money to buy a home ?

When I think about this, I think about pa Ingalls in The Little House on the Prairie! I used to love that show. Their house was small, but they were all so happy. And they didn't have a mortgage weighing them down.

In 2010 the average house price in the USA was a whopping $272,900. I don't think there are many people out there who can fork over that many money. And that's where a home loan comes in. A mortgage. For example, people embrace home loans Rhode Island. And of course there are many more mortgage lenders out there.

It's hard not to have loans

Nowadays it's hard nót to get into debt. If only to get a good education. Student loans are almost a fact of life. Unless you come from filthy ritch parents. As most people, my husband and I have a mortgage too. We love our home in the country. But sometimes I dream about Pa Ingalls. And his wooden home without any mortgage... And I wonder: isn't that real freedom? Not to be encumbered by debt?

A tiny house

Some people have found a solution. They buy a tiny house. They get rid of all their clutter. And they choose to live a more simple life. I have to say, it sounds lovely. But with five kids, I'm not sure it would work for us.

But a girl can dream!

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Skirt: figure hugging or A-line?


I always wear A-line skirts.

 Ever since Trinny and Susannah recommended it for pearshaped women in their show What no to wear.

A-line skirts skim right over bulges and bumps, and kindly hide them.

But my skirts are getting old, and they're not in fashion. Which makes it hard to replace them. So when I spotted a fitted skirt for only 7 bucks, I figured: 'What the heck! Why not try a fitted skirt!'

And I have to say, it's kind of nice.


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Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo: big dud!


For the third time in her school career,  my daughter came home with a broken smartphone. Now that's not very smart, is it?"

Apparently it fell. And now there's a big crack in the screen. It won't even start up again.

At first I was all: 'You broke your smartphone, now you lie in it!' But then I remembered she had to go on a school trip. To London of all places. And I really want my kids to have a phone when they're away from home. That way they can do an E.T. and  'phone home'.

So I decided to buy her a new smartphone, one last time. But since I was going to pay for it, I was going to choose it too.

Mom's choice: Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo

Off to the store I went. I had a budget of 70 USD in mind. Because I didn't want to spend too much money. After much deliberation I bought her a Samsung GT-S5310 also known as the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo. It cost me about 60 bucks.

I figured Samsung is a well known brand, so how could I go wrong?

But as soon as my daughter saw the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo her face fell. And I saw her swallow back tears of disappointment. I had to admit, it wás kind of small. It comes with a 3 inch display. But hey, beggars can't be choosers! Right?


Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo: a dud

Turns out the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo is a big dud. The worst thing about it, is that it hardly responds to your touch. And if does, it takes forever. It reminded me of my kids when I ask them to do something.

Aside from that, it's so small it's almost impossible to use the keys. And the camera sucks big time too.

Summing up

I would like my sorry tale to be a warning. So other moms don't make the same mistake I did. By wanting to be frugal I wasted my money. Now we've got a dumb smartphone and I'm out 60 bucks.

So my advice is: don't be too cheap! When it comes to smartphone, be smart about it. Spend a little bit more, so you get good quality.

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Free Blogger templates for mom bloggers


Free Blogger templates

There are two types of free Blogger templates

  1. Templates: you get a whole new look for you blog in an instance. Including a different layout
  2. Backgrounds: your blog layout stays the same. You put some html code in a Blogger gadget, and then you get a different background.

Why is a template so important?

A blog template is very important. It defines your blog. When people visit your homepage, your blog template will play a big part in what they'll think about your blog. It's what determines the first impression.

So it's very important to get rid of the generic Blogger template as soon as possible. Because it simply screams: 'I'm a newbie!'

Luckily there are lots of free Blogger templates out there. And I'm going to share some with you!

Links to free Blogger Templates

Loving Life Designs
Simple Blogge Templates with a dash of colour

Cute and cool freebies
Vintage look background and headers

Babbling Brooke Designs
Simple backgrounds

Gisele Jacquenod
Older Blogger templates.

Templates by Tenille
Colorful backgrounds. Floral and stars.

Blog Designs by Dani

LeeLou Blog Designs
Lots of choice!

Soft pastel colors.

Cutest Blog on the Block
Very wellknown backgrounds and template. Lots of choice, but not all that unique.

Candy's Free Designer Templates
A bit different

Free Layouts
Dutch free background

Free blog templates for all kinds of bloggers

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Why I ditched my Filofax and went for Moleskine


It all started with my moleskine notepad.

I really loved it. I loved how it had the days of the week one one side, and room for notes on the other side.

But then I saw this big, tall, bad boy. His name was Filofax.

 I was impressed by his size. He was A4.

Suddenly my Moleskine seemed very small. My eyes started to wander. And soon after that, I left my Moleskine for a Filofax.

At first all was well. I loved it's size. There was so much room to write stuff. But after a week weeks, the novelty of its big size wore off. In fact, its big size started to annoy me.

Too big for comfort

It took up so much room on my desk! No wonder it never looked tidy anymore! It was all hís fault. Filofax. At first I didn't want to admit I had made a mistake. But then I opened my drawer, and there it was: my dear old Moleskine. All sleek, and elegant.

And I decided then and there: even though my Moleskine is smaller than the big A4 Filofax, it's big enough for me.

And I'm sure we'll live happily ever after.

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Blogger problems: distorted thumbnails and how to to fix them

It's one of those Blogger problems I've been wrecking my brains over!

How to fix the distorted thumbnails oin my Blogspot blog.

Because they look sad and amateurish. And not what I'm looking for.

Blogger problems

I love Blogger. I love the way it protects me from screwing up my blog. If I do something that's just not right, Blogger simply refuses to save it. Instead if sends me a message! Something with the word 'error' in it. And some codes I don't get. So user friendliness is definitely not one of my Blogger problems.

Distorted thumbnails

My blog Momfever is based on the Blogger Simple Template. But I wanted something extra. Something to make it look like it wasn't a Blogspot template. And I wanted my visitors to be able to see instantly what my blog has to offer them. So I wanted to get rid of my long posts on the homepage. Instead I wanted a magazine layout.

After a whole lot of searching I found the code to get the magazine look. The code created a nice grid style. With thumbnails on the left. And that's where my Blogger problems started. Because the thumbnails were all wonky. They were lookin squished. So I googled 'Blogger problems thumbnails distorted' till I was blue in the face. I was up all night, but in the end I found the solution! And it's quite simple really.

Fix distorted thumbnails

All you have to do is ignore the height or the width of you thumbnail. And you do that by deleting the numbers that determine the size. And instead you type: 'null'. And that's it! I couldn't believe it was that easy. And that it actually worked! As far as Blogger problems go, this was a hard one to find a solution for. But I did.

Summing up

If you have thumbnails on your homepage, and they look all wonky exchange the sizing of either the height or width with null.

Like this:

blogger problems

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Anóther unexpected day off of school?!

Wordless Wednesday

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Getting acquainted

biological pigs
Hi, we're Bert, Barry and Brian!
My cousin Hank is a butcher by trade. He's got his own pen. Usually he's got about three pigs in there, having a great life.

And when they're nice and fat, my cousin Hank takes them on a trip, and butchers them. And then the whole family eats them. And I tell my self that's quite okay. Because they enjoyed life.

I've always liked knowing who, and what I've got on my plate.

But this morning I got a surprising email!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are the future inhabitants of your freezer and belly. For the moment we're staying at Maple Lane. We would appreciate it if you dropped by.
kind regards, 
Bert, Barry and Brian 
Hmm, I'm not sure if I'll be able to enjoy my porc chops now. Obviously you cán get too personal with your meal.

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Parenting in a picture

Wordless Wednesday

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An indecent proposal


Tomorrow is my husband's and mine 21st wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's been 21 years since we tied the knot, and started our journey through the muddy seas of holy matrimony.

I figured I should get my husband something, to celebrate this milestone. But what?! He's already got all the Star Trek dvd boxes ánd the Deep Space Nine series.

Whát would he really like?

Then suddenly I knew the answer! It was obvious really.

I was going to make him an indecent proposal!

Because after 21 years of marriage, and 5 kids, I often play dead in the bedroom. But, since marriage is all about compromise we've come to an agreement about a monthly quota. However I know he wouldn't mind going óver the quota.

So I waited in my little office until he walked by. And when he did, I quickly whispered: 'Psssst! Come on in here for a minute,' and I looked around furtively to make sure there were no kids within earshot.

My husband looked a bit alarmed, by my furtive looks. Yet hopeful.

'How would you like to do the horizontal mambo tonight. It'll be my wedding present to you!' I whispered.

It took a moment to sink in, but then he looked quite pleased. Only then he asked: 'Will it be in addition to my monthly quota?'

'No, of course not!' I said, because I really dó like my rest.

And then I added: 'That can be your present to mé!'

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