Friday, August 1, 2014

What's more upsetting: doll with male attachment or doll with bottle?

Donna Wood Burgmann got all upset when she discovered the boy doll she bought really wás a boy.

But one might wonder which is worse: the fact that the doll came with a little penis, or that in the Toys 'R' Us promo video it's offered a bottle!

It's very much a case of the eye of the beholder. Just like beauty!

See for yourself:

It's a boy!

Drinking from the bottle as the norm?

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chalk Hem Maker

Remember the cute little dress my 15-year old daughter made?

It turns out the hemline was bit uneven. So her granny went on Craigslist and found her this great, vintage chalk hem maker! Looking at the box, I would say it originally came from Germany.

It cost about 12 bucks.

chalk hem maker
Chalk Hem Maker box
chalk hem maker
Chalk Hem Maker!

The way it works is this: you determine the desired length of the skirt. Then you go around it, and squeeze the orange ball. A puff of chalk puffs onto the skirt leaving a mark where the hem should be!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Dustbuster Black&Decker: a product review of this dustbuster!

Life in the country is nice and peaceful. Except for those pesky flies.

Sometimes I have to go on a killing spree with my fly swatter, and then I'm stuck with all the dead bodies. Which is why I wanted a dustbuster.

I figured that would be an easy and efficient way to get rid of the evidence. After doing some research on the internet on different dustbuster models, I settled on a Black&Decker dustbuster.

Black&Decker dustbuster 7.2V

My dustbuster: The Black&Decker DV 7210n-QW perks
  • It comes with a see through dustbowl so you can see how much you've cleaned up.
  • It can go for about 10 minutes, before the battery runs out.
  • It has cyclonic action
  • The dustbowl can contain 610 ml of dust and dead flies.
  • You can only use it on dry dirst
  • Before you start using it you have to charge it for 24 hours
  • It comes with a dust collector which you can put on, or take off as needed

Dustbuster out of the box

Dustbuster: put to use

I ordered my dustbuster on the internet. When it arrived I was a bit taken aback by its size. It's quite big. Then I started reading the manual. I hate manuals! They're boring and you can never find what you need to know. This one lived up to its bad reputation.

But in the end I figured out I had to charge my dustbuster for 24 hours before I could use it.

black&decker dustbuster 7.0v

After waiting impatiently for 24 hours I coulld finally start my clean up in our kitchen. It worked fine, but my eldest daughter said it made a lot of noise. And I thought it felt quite heavy! The accu of this dustbuster can go for 10 minutes, but I don't think my arm can last that long. This dustbuster could use some muscle!

Summing up

The Black&Decker dustbuster does what I bought it for. It helps me get rid of dead flies and stuff. However I think it's quite heavy to handle. I had expected it to be much lighter.

I bought it for 68 bucks, and I'm pleased with it. I can't tell you yet how this dustbuster will perform in the long run, as I've only had it for a few days.

But I'll keep you informed!

Do you have a dustbuster?

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