Keeping my kids safe online!

online safety
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As a modern day mom I've read all the dire warnings about the dangers of the internet. Especially for children.

I often tell them:

'You may think you're chatting with a 14 year old girl, but it may very well be a dirty old man!' 

I'm going virtual!

So to keep an eye on my kids' virtual safety I try to keep tabs on the people they associate with. Even if that means going virtual!

So I followed my son's virtual girlfriend on Twitter. And I added his newest girlfriend, Kathy, as my friend on Facebook.

Still, I was surprised when I received this message:

'Hi Mom! I hope you are doing ok. I heard you made an appointment at the hairdresser for Jan on Saturday. Does he really have to cut his hair? I know it's a little long, but it looks so cute right now. But you're his mom and i respect your opinion and decision so i understand if he has to cut it.'

Response to my virtual daughter in law 

After careful consideration I replied:

'Hi Kathy! Thanks for your input, which is greatly appreciated. Your kind words have made me stop and think about Jan's hair. I would not want to make him any less cute. I will use the next couple of days to do some serious reconsidering!
Kind regards,
Jan's Mom'

Her answer

I didn't have to wait long for an answer.

'Thanks! That's all I can ask for.'

I can only hope, any real life, would-be daughters in law, will me as respectful as the virtual ones!

How do you make sure your kids are safe online?
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