October 23, 2016 1 comment

And my husband spoke and he said unto me:

'I have not seen fit to give you my neglected old desk, filled with yellow pages from 1999, and other stuff I have forgotten I have, to you. I have received your request, and rejected it.

I'd rather have my desk just standing there, doing nothing and gathering dust, than to let you have it.

After all: it's Mine. 

Your reasoning that I'm at work all day, and don't get home till seven at night, is not reasonable. After all: the desk is Mine.

Your argument that I never use the desk is neither here nor there, after all: the desk is Mine. I don't care you could really use it for your work, after all: it's Mine.

However, you may put a large picture of me on the desk and use it as a shrine.

After all: it's mine.'

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