I finally got me a curtain rod!

curtain rodAfter living in a fish bowl for more than two years, I’m still living in a fish bowl. Thanks to the fact we still haven’t got any curtains, our whole life is permanently on display. But at least I’ve got one curtain rod now!

Rooms with a view

When we moved to the country two years ago, I was so beguiled by the beautiful views I did not want to lose any of it. So I never got curtains. Sure I thóúght about curtains. I thought about what kind of curtains would be best, and where to get them. But somehow I never got any further than thinking about it.

Finally! A curtain rod!

But last week I finally took action. I bought myself a curtain rod. Only one, mind you. I wanted to see how it looked before investing heavily into several more. Besides I wasn’t at all sure we would be able to get it on our wall. Unfortunately none of us is very handy.

But my husband managed to get the curtain rod up.

And I really like it. I like that it looks kind of nostalgic and romantic. And I especially like that it only cost me 6 bucks.

Now I have to buy curtains!

Now it’s onto the next phase of my masterplan ‘How To Get Me Some Curtains’. I have to get curtains!

Because it’s Springtime I’m leaning towards white. But I also like curtains with flowers and birds and stuff.

Stay tuned!

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