Vintage tea sets + paparazzi shot!

June 16, 2018 2 comments
I have a special cupboard in my kitchen for my beautiful vintage cups and saucers. I like to collect them, but I use them too for my daily cup of coffee!

Dainty cups and floral saucers: I love them!

So whenever I find myself in a thrift store I look for dainty cups and floral saucers. This week I was in luck! I found two beautiful cups and saucers.

I love the flowers on this one. There's even a flower on the inside of the cup!

vintage china
This one cost 50 cents!
And how about this one:

vintage china
This lovely set cost 1,50

I especially love the basket filled with flowers on this one! Isn't it sweet?!

Paperazzi shot!

While I was taking pictures of my newly found treasures my youngest son secretly took a picture of me, which he then sent to me via WhatsApp!

He'd added 'Hmm' to the picture

Apparently that's how I look when I'm taking a picture ; )

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