Having virtual coffee with my son

August 19, 2017 3 comments
This June my oldest son left the nest and got his own place.

And even though I miss having him around, I'm mostly just veru happy that he's doing so well.

And that he's happy!
What more could I want as a mom.

Having a cup of coffee together thanks to modern technology

And now I've found a great way to have a cup of coffee with him. I use video chat on my smartphone, and so does he. That way we can see each other in our respective homes and have a cup of coffee together : )

I lean my smartphone against a vase there he is, my son!

This is me, having virtual coffee with my eldest son : )

Sure, virtual coffee is not a substitute for seeing each other in real life, but it's definitely a great way to stay in touch! And a way to tide me over until we can visit each other.

How to you keep in touch with kids that left your home?

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