Sómeone didn't do the housework!

November 21, 2009
Instead of coming right out and saying he doesn't like the way the household is run, hubby prefers to voice his grievances like a sinister voice-over.

I can hear him searching the closet for matching socks and declaring in ominous tones: 'Sómeone didn't put matching socks in the closet!' Then I hear him stumbling into the bathroom, still searching for socks, announcing to no one in particular: 'Someone hasn't done the laundry!'

This is followed by some cursing and ranting after which, still in voice over mode, he mumbles: 'I'll just have to go to work wearing different socks. I'll look like a fool. That's what you get when sómeone doesn't take care of clean socks!'

I just listen in silence.
'Cause I'm not someone.


  1. My hubby likes to declare that the pantry is broken when he cannot find anything he wants to snack on. He also declares that the freezer is broken when there isn't any ice cream. I guess they're trying to avoid conflict.

  2. Sounds very familiar! This is a very usual scene in my household too.

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