Does anyone have a home for this poor kitty?

March 21, 2010
Is there anyone kind enough to offer a home to this endearing little cat? Her name is That Stupid Cat, but she also listens to Much Too Expensive and Woof.

My daughter Teuntje bought her for 50 bucks, and took her home lovingly. For minutes those two were inseparable. Wherever one went, the other would follow. Then the batteries ran out.

And yes, I had told her I would buy new batteries, but I kind of forgot. And when I didn't forget, and saw the prices of batteries I exclaimed: 'Forget about it! Go and buy them yourself.'

It was then, that slowly but surely, neglect settled in. Because those batteries were indeed pricey, and my daughter would much rather buy big bags of cheese puffs, which she ate at the side of her lifeless cat. But a lifeless cat is not much fun, and I'm sad to say Woof fell into the hands of her little brother Piet.

At the time Piet was going through a veterinarian phase and decided Woof needed some surgery. To her ear, to be exact. We have yet to recover the ear. Of course Teuntje sued Piet for malpractice, and he lost his licence to practise, but that doesn't help Woof, now does it?!

So in order to get some more money to buy more cheese puffs Teuntje wants to sell Woof to the highest bidder.

'I only want 10 dollars!' she told me.

A real bargain if you ask me, as the batteries cost more.

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