My son Piet (6) was bobbing up and down in the bath tub, his older brother Ot (9) sitting at his feet. Ot was moving his hands in the air above Piets body, and I was very much intrigued. Was my son perhaps the next Harry Potter?!
So I asked curiously: 'Whatcha doing, Ot?'

'I'm a mime artist,' Ot answered, effectively shattering my Harry Potter dream.
'Me too!' Piet shouted.
'Yeah right! You're a dead mime artist, 'cause you're not doing anything!' Ot said in stern tones. 'You're just lying there.'
'Well, anyway, carry on!' I encouraged them, and mimed the universal thumbs up gesture.

Because mime artists catch a lot of flak, but they're so very, pleasantly quiet!

I must encourage my kids to practice their mime more often.

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