10 frugal tips for Christmas Gifts for your kids

November 25, 2011
Santa Clause is comin' to town, but it's not his wallet that's on the line! With commercials inspiring your kids to ask for the moon, many a parent feels the pressure a come up with the right presents. Luckily I have come up with the ultimate list of Gifts That Won't Break The Bank!

  1. Go to the kitchen drawer, and get yourself a wooden spoon. Get the permanent markers out, and draw a face on it! If you're feeling really generous, you can create a whole family this way!
  2. Google an area with soil of clay. Throw a big spade in the back of your car, and drive to this area. Get yourself some clay. Wrap it up with a bow made of straw.
  3. Collect autumn leaves outside, and wrap them up. You can make all kinds of things out of leaves. Really. Like Fall themed necklaces.
  4. Rinse out those smelly jars, and fill them up with different colours of sand. Make sure to vary the colors! Your kids will love their ornament.
  5. If you really want to go crazy, give your kids five empty wine bottles to use as an instrument. Put water in them, and you kid can work at being a musician.
  6. Get four empty jars and fill them with orange, red, green and yellow syrup. Make sure you put the lid on tight. Your kid will be over the moon with these bright, colourful eye catchers.
  7. Go to the woods, and get some branches. Tie a ribbon around them. This present will really stimulate your child's imagination.
  8. Go the local supermarket and get yourself a big box. Present it to your child as an a: Playhouse, b: Car, C: Hat and D: Boat.
  9. Now this one is a classic: get an old sock, put it on a branch and there you have it: a horse!
  10. Get the scissors and cut out all kinds of beautiful toys your child wants. Use paste to stick them to a big piece of cardboard. This way you kid get his very own Dream Poster! If you want to make it an educative poster too, get the permanent marker out again and write on it: Stop Consumerism!'
Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for any emotional or mental damages, nor scars on your child's soul, caused by the use of these lovely suggestions.

Nor can I be held responsible to pay the bills for future therapy.

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