The universal language of parenting

January 30, 2012
I was wandering through Walmart, looking for things I didn't know I needed, when this German family crossed my path. The mom only had eyes for the merchandise, so the dad was condemned to the role of Lone Parent.

As they passed the glassware he warned:
'Nur angucken, sonst geht dat kaputt!' (You can look, but please don't touch!)
The child defiantly lunged at the wineglasses, throwing his dad a look that said: 'Whatcha gonna do about it!'
'Was hat der Papa gesagt? Nur gucken!' (What did daddy say? No touching!)

Angrily he turned to his wife, who was just about to put a hefty, wooden owl into their shopping cart and said: 'Ich will weg!' (I wanna leave!)

Then we parted ways, but at the check out I could still hear him: 'Nana! Nur gucken!'

But I'm not sure whether he was talking to his wife, or to his child!

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