Bye, bye love

My youngest daughter drew a picture of me and my husband. We’re standing hand in hand, and between our heads there’s a floating balloon. I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously, we make quite a loving, and harmonious couple!

But then she said: ‘That was before you had us, mummy!’

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    Awww, sounds like a lovely photo. Don’t be saddened by her comment, martial relationships change as children come along. The love is strong, dutiful and romantic but not as young love. I believe children know can see love and know it, in all its forms :0)

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    At least the two of you are still the topics of her artwork. Not only that, but when she thinks of you, the fist image which comes to mind is a pleasant one. Whenever my wife and I go out for an evening (ummm…right in 2009), we are very straightforward about telling the kids we need some time not being parents. A popcorn and a movie seems to cure them of heartsickness pretty quickly:)

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