My life has become very bland

Now that a vicious cold has robbed me of my sense of smell and taste, my life has become very bland. That’s unpleasant, but it comes with some unexpected perks.

Because when I staggered into the cubby hole that is my office, my head spinning and my eyes watering, because I still felt like checking my mail, I found hubby in there. He was shooting balloons on my computer.
‘It’s a good thing you can’t smell anything,’ he said. And by the proud look on his face I could tell he had done some serious farting. In my office.

‘You are so gross!’ I burst out. ‘Why don’t you take your farts outside! You shouldn’t pollute the air in my office!’ But I didn’t reall feel, or smell, it.

Like I said. Having no sense of smell has got its perks…

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