Is there pressure to be a Yummy Mummy?

When I see movie stars on the red carpet, within sometime as little as six weeks after giving birth,  all back in shape, I just can’t believe my eyes. How do they dó that?! I mean, they must still be wearing sanitary pads for postpartum bleeding. How can they look so svelte, so fast? It just doesn’t seem natural.

Then I stumbled upon a nifty gadget, called the Belly Bandit. And I thought: ‘Ahaaa! Thát’s how they do it.’ Because the Belly Bandit pulls in your post pregnancy tummy, making it look like there never was a baby in there at all. But it did make me stop and think: Why would women want to wear such a thing, if not for thinking it’s not okay to look like you had a baby. And that’s a sad message to get.

But just go to your average baby stuff website, and you’re greeted by words like Yummy Mummy and women looking thin and happy. So I feel there ís a pressure to be a Yummy Mummy.

Do you think there’s a pressure to look like a Yummy Mummy nowadays?



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