Restraining order

September 11, 2013
My sixteen year old son started his new school last week. Everyday he has to bike to the school station, and then take the train to his new school.
This may  be a big step for him, but it's also a big step for me. His mom! Because I have to trust him to leave on time. I have to trust him to get on the right train. And I have to trust him to eat enough.
That is why every morning I got up at the crack of dawn, to make sure my son got off to school alright. I watched him eat, and told him to eat some more. I told him it was time to leave, and I told him to pack an extra jacket. Because you never know: it might get cold. And I told him to pack some cash, because you never know: he might need it.
I was being a good mom.
But my son thought I was being an annoying mom.
So he took out a restraining order against me. He told me to stay in bed, and catch up on my sleep. That way he could catch up on his morning rest.

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