Junk in the trunk

November 19, 2013
I love trunks!
And no, I don't mean the men's swim wear kind of trunks. Nor the one that elephants sport. And I definitely do not mean that stupid Dragon Ball character, called Trunks.
I mean trunks as in big suitcases.

Vintage trunks in your home

I especially love vintage trunks. They remind me of Agatha Christie novels. I love what you can do with them. Some people simply put three trunks on top of each other.

Practical uses for trunks in your home

But you can also take one big trunk and use it as a coffee table. Using trunks as decoration or as a table has one big bonus: you can put all kinds of junk in them. And no one is the wiser. You can pretend to be Martha Stewart, because no one knows what you're hiding in that beautiful trunk. Trunks offer great, decorative storage space.
If you're not into second hand furniture, don't worry. You can buy brand spanking new Mossman hand trunks. They've got a lovely traditional look. In fact they're so sturdy Mossman hasn't changed anything about the manufacturing process in 70 years. And they come in different sizes and colours.
They've even got a bright pink trunk! Great for a little girl's room.

Organize your kids' toys

Which brings me to another thing I like about trunks: you can put your kids' toys in them. At the end of the day, grab yourself a big broom and sweep all the toys into one big pile. Then put that pile into the trunk. Close the trunk, and voila! Your house has turned into a nice grown-up home.
And of course you can also use trunks for travel.
You'll definitely make a statement by traveling with a trunk instead of boring, regular luggage!

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