Skirts: should you go mini, midi or maxi?

November 21, 2013
I'm a skirts kind of girl. In fact I never wear pants, slacks or trousers or whatever you wanna call them. I like the feminity a skirt offers. Skirts make me feel free. I love the way they flow around my legs.
I usually buy my skirts on eBay. Because unfortunately I don't see many skirts when I go shopping for clothes. I don't think they're in fashion at the moment. Whenever I see young teenagers walking around they usually wear those awful skinny jeans. My 14 year old and my 18 year old daughters do too! I suppose pants áre practical. But that's about the only positive thing I can think of.

Mini, midi and maxi skirts

Yesterday I was working hard, and I decided to treat myself to 15 minutes of internet shopping for skirts. I came across a new range of midi skirts. I especially like the black one in the left corner of this post! The kids could spill their cokes on it, and it wouldn't even cause a stain!

Midi = dowdy?

I like midi skirts, but some women think midi is a difficult length. Midi skirts are neither mini, nor long. They're in between. And sometimes they can make you look dowdy. Which is why I like to team my midi skirts with cowboy boots! Also, I'm not very tall. Maxi skirts are usually way too long for me. They make me feel like I could trip over my own skirt at any moment. So midi skirts are the perfect length for me.
As far as mini skirts are concerned: that ship has sailed for me a long time ago! I don't think after a certain age a woman should wear mini skirts. It just doesn't look good.

Pencil skirt

A special kind of midi skirt is the pencil skirt. I really like pencil skirts, but unfortunately I carry some saddle bags on my tighs… And pencil skirts really show them off. So even though I like them, pencil skirts are not for me. I also feel you should wear pencil skirts with a pair of killer heels. And since I like Birkenstocks and Uggs they're not for me.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm going to get me that black skirt!

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