Mom's dishes

Reserach among 4.000 British families shows the average mom has about nine dishes she prepares regularly for her family. Spaghetti is the number one dish!

Ninety percent of these moms admits to cooking the same thing every week, sometimes on the same day. Two out of three women feels guilty about this.

Preparing a meal takes about 35 minutes, and the shorter it takes the better. Healthier meals that take longer to prepare are scorned.

These are the dishes that I prepare on a regular basis:

spaghetti with tomato sauce
spaghetti with tuna and peas
broccoli, potatoes, meat
cauliflower, potatoes, meat
vegetable soup
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  1. We actually don't make a lot of spaghetti around here. I love it and it's quick and easy, but with 3 young boys - clean up is a nightmare!


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