Momfever proudly presents: The Walmart Cone!

Avoid financial troubles: get your Walmart Cone now!

Finally there's an answer to the age old question: How do I get in and out of Walmart, without staggering outside with lots of stuff I didn't know I needed, and upon coming home will discover I don't?

Until recently women were complete left to their own devices, and had solely their willpower en selfcontrol to fall back on. But thanks to the unique design, and revolutionary technology of the Walmart Cone, this is a problem from the past!

The Walmart Cone has been tested by Momfever, and enthusiastically approved off.

The Walmart Cone comes in different colors and sizes.
And... it's real easy to put on!!!

Here's what the public had to say:

Unknown Frazzled Mom: 'I'm just soo greatful. My husband had forbidden me to go to Walmart, but thanks to the Walmart Cone he has changed his mind!'

Madam X: 'Thanks to the Walmart Cone, I can go to Walmart again!'

Get yours now!

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  1. LOL that is hilarious! Love it, I need one of those, I go in for one item and end up with a full cart, its ridiculous.

  2. LOL, I love your sense of humor! New follower!

  3. You have clearly lost your mind.

  4. That's very funny! Thanks for linking on my Make My Saturday Sweet blog hop. I'm now following you on Google+. Enjoy the week ahead!


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