Love is not blind

My eldest daughter, Maartje, had been talking about it for months: 'Mommy, when New Moon is released we'll go and see it, won't we?'
Flattered that my fourteen year old daughter still wanted to be seen with me at the movies I readily replied: 'Of course we will.'

For those few who háven't heard about New Moon, it's the sequel to Stephenie Meyers very succesfull book Twilight. The main characters are Bella, a very surly girl, who doesn't appreciate how good she has it, and vampire Edward Cullen.

It's the classic story of two people in love, who want to be together but can't. So the movie is filled with smoldering looks, and lots of teenage angst. It's enough to make a mom of five wanna puke. Except Edward really ís good looking, I must say!

On the wall of Maartjes bedroom there's a huge poster of Edward Cullen, looking all pale and tormented into her room. Probably taken aback by the big mess. But no matter how much her young heart is enchanted with this young man, love is not blind.

When Edward appeared in a crucial scene, without his shirt on, glistening in the sun, she leaned over to me and whispered: 'They photoshopped him in this scene, mom, because he hates sports.'
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  1. Hahaha! That is too funny and I went to see these with my 16 year old and she is so team Jacob because in her words 'being so dedicated to his craft he worked for that body' LOL


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