You really turn me on

Due to his recent death, Michael Jackson is now more alive than ever, and my kids have discovered his music. Being a Country and Western song kind of gal myself, I find this hard on the ears.

Unfortunately Michael's songs are quite catchy, and now I find myself humming: 'You really turn me on,' whatever I'm doing and wherever I'm going. Any moment now, I may start grabbing myself in the crotch the way Michael used to do.

I'm worried, because my husband has gotten this gleam in his eye, and I just know he got the wrong idea.

How do I turn this awful song off in my head?!
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  1. I'll tell you how to get that one out of your head if you can get Thriller out of mine. Deal?

    Sarah @

  2. enjoyed your blog so much have become a follower Ihavnt got time to read all your posts but those I did read brought a smile to my face thank you


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