Young love

Only days ago my fourteen year old's heart beat speeded up whenever I mentioned Edward McCullen, Twilight's tormented vampire. But suddenly he's yesterday's news, and she has transferred her affections to former bad boy Johnny Depp.

It reminds me of the time I was thirteen and had this huge crush on Sandokan, The Tiger of Malaysia. Oh, how I felt for him when his beloved Marianna died in his arms! And as he turned his brooding eyes into our living room I rushed to his aid, and hugged the tv screen to my small bosom. At night I feverishly planned my trip to Malaysia so I could make him forget all about Marianne.

In August I kind of forgot about Sandokan and fell in love with Elvis Presley. I blame the broadcasting companies, for bombarding the tv screen with Elvis' movies during August. However, I only liked the young and fresh looking Elvis. My love did not survive his big, white, flashy jumpsuit.

Then came the Thornbirds, and I went through several tissue boxes watching the impossible love between Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward. After this, my love life took a nose dive, until the series Beauty and the Beast. I just loved The Beast, Vincent to his friends, and his husky voice. Every week I watched, with growing impatience, how he and Catherine álmost kissed, but never their lips did meet.

Then I met my hubby and that was the end of my fictitious romances. But sometimes I still think about them: Sandokan, Elvis Presley, Richard Chamberlain, The Beast...

I smile a melancholy smile, and I try not to notice my husband has just let one rip.
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  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower!

    I STILL love Johnny Depp. I could just drool all over him! Loved The Torn Birds too!

    My daughter hasn't really gotten any crushes yet (she's just 9 yo) but she's really into Michael Jackson since his death.

    Pop by my blog anytime!

  2. LOVE Johnny Depp!!! I cannot wait to see him in Alice in Wonderland! I think I've seen all his movies :)

    My 16yo daughter definitely has a crush on Taylor Lautner from Twilight..she thinks he's yummy :P

    I'm a new follower! Love for you to come visit me at my blog :)


  3. Now really who doesn't love Johnny Depp! Its one thing that my daughter and I will ALWAYS have in common. I think she has made me see every movie he ever made at least once (ok at least once with her).

    Young love is always so sweet, whether it is "real" or "imaginary".


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