Messages from the universe

My credit card got too close to my mobile phone and doesn't work anymore, and when I got to my hairdresser's appointment at two thirty, it turned out I had to be there at twelve o'clock. And when I took a walk this afternoon, I got seriously lost in the area I've been living in for the last ten years.

The lice have made a comeback, again, my cold has never left, and Piet ate cheese puffs on my side of the bed.

I'm trying to stay positive and have told myself the universe must have a message for me. Hereby I would like to let the universe know I got the message.

Just one question: 'What ís the message?!'
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  1. yikes!! that is quite the week-- I sure hope you are doing better today :) I hate it when the universe sends me the "you should have stayed in bed" message :)


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