Brotherly love

I was in the kitchen peeling the potatoes when suddenly I heard this loud wailing. It was my son Ot, giving a heartwrenching solo, while cradling his left arm like a beloved newborn.
So I opened the kitchen window and shouted: 'What happened, what happened?!'

'Piet hit Ot with a stick!' our two neighbourhood boys yelled happily.
'And where did Piet go?' I asked, not amused at all.
'He ran away!'
Upon hearing my voice Ot turned up the volume, no doubt in the hopes of increasing Piets troubles.

Wearily I put down my potato and wiped my hands on my apron. Found out I had yet again forgotten to wéar an apron and went outside in my dirty skirt.
It turned out Piet hadn't gotten very far, because there he stood at the garage doors. In his hands a big stick, and in his eyes a look of guilt.

'You go to your room and think about what you can do better next time!' I told him in no uncertain terms, and accompagnied him to his room.
'Brothers shouldn't hurt each other!' I summarized, and hurtled downstairs.
There I found hubby giving Ot some therapy, and I quickly escaped to the kitchen to avoid any further involvement.

But through the kitchen window I heard Neighbourhood Boy 1 say to Neighbourhood Boy 2: 'In the bible there are two brothers, Cain and Abel who hit each other too!'
'Yeah, but didn't Abel kíll his brother,' Neighbourhood Boy 2 asked.
'Oh yeah...,' and I saw Neighbourhood Boy 1 deflate, now that Piets crime turned out to be a minor misdemeanor.

'Let's go and play war then,' they quickly rallied.
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  1. Boys!

    I have to let some of their rough-housing go. Unless there's blood or someone is really going to get killed.

  2. Gonna have to agree with Shell on this one! I've got two boys who are always "at it" with each other, yet neither of them are ever happy doing anything on their own! Boys will be boys!


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