Sex education

I'm almost at the sexscene in this book, mom!' my fifteen year old daughter said defiantly.
But it takes more than a sex scene to rattle mé! Fifteen years of motherhood have toughened me up.

So I smiled: 'Good for you! When I was your age I loved reading Harlequin novels. They were all about 'His piercing lance filling her feminine softness.'
My daughter made puking sounds.
'But that sounds so much better than those crude words in your book!' I said.
'I'ld prefer the word 'dick' to what you're saying, mom.'

Then I wás rattled, because there's something about the sentence: 'His dick filled her feminine softness,' that doesn't add up. That and my fifteen year old daughter using that word.

But then I saw my daughter putting the offending book aside, and I thought: 'Oh good! She's lost interest in the book.'

And I knew: my work here is done.

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