Code Orange Alert: School Newsletters Avalanche!

A code orange alert has been issued today, warning moms across the country for School Newsletters Avalanches!

Thousands of School Newsletters Avalanches are expected in all states, and moms are advised to stay home, and lock all the doors.

If moms háve to go out, it's important they adjust their personal plans. An expert explains: 'By adjusting we mean: forgetting about any personal plans.'

To save some rain forests, many schools now send out their newsletters via email. 'Moms don't see them coming anymore,' a school teacher said sadly. 'The newsletters catch them right between the eyes, often rendering them dizzy and stressed out.'

In the picture: tragic victim of a local School Newsletters Avalance.
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  1. Couldn't help but chuckle at this post ☺

  2. Too funny!

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  9. Saw your blog on MBC and couldn't pass up the fun blog name!

    My kids haven't hit the age yet for school newsletters but I know my days are numbered! Funny post!

  10. Do schools have a problem with email? I prefer emails. They don't usually get lost and they don't end up with pasta sauce all over them!
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