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June 7, 2011

Farewell Babyborn

Dear family and friends, and vague acquaintances. We are gathered here today, to say our final farewell to Babyborn. Despite a very clear user manual, someone found it necessary to give Babyborn a bubble bath.

Babyborn was a loner, and sometimes months went without any word from her. But Babyborn wasn't a natural loner, she become one, due to gross neglect.

Usually she found a friend in Barbie. But lately even Barbie wasn't there for her, because she was suffering a personal crisis. Someone had deemed it necessary to give her a very short haircut, an Barbie was having a hard time coming to terms with her crew cut.

So, farewell Babyborn. We probably won't miss you, because we forgot all about you when you were still with us.
1 comment on "Farewell Babyborn"
  1. LMAO! RIP Babyborn!

    Here from FMBT...loving your blog!


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