Taking a short cut: with before and after pics!

For years I let myself be inspired by the hairdo's of pesky little soap stars. You know those little boys who go from baby to toddler, to teenager with a drug habit, and then turn 21. All in two weeks. So for years my boys sported longish hair.

But today I looked at the straggly hair of my youngest son, and I had an epiphany: 'The time has come for a short cut!'

So off to the hairdresser we went, and now my little boy looks all grown up.
I can only hope he doesn't turn 21 in two weeks.

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  1. He looks adorable both ways. I like the short cut. I hope you managed to keep him from aging too!!

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  3. My son is 2 and we really should cut is hair. But there is something that is holding me back!

    Your sons haircut is cute! Its perfect for summer!

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