When scissors fall into the wrong hands...


It happens to the best of parents.

One of your kids finds a pair of scissors and decides to give him or herself a new hairdo....

Damage Control

Here's to damage control!

Thank the lord for hair gel!
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  1. excellent, he did a great job on that fringe, great damage control

  2. i swear this happens to all kids!

  3. Omigosh! There's still enough hair to fix it :)

    The Twerp and I

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  5. Excellent save! I think the spiked hair is cute, he looks adorable. My daughter and nephew played barber once and cut one of her ponytails on the top! I was mortified...thank goodness it didn't take a lifetime to grow back! LOL I guess it happens in every household.

    New follower from social buzz.

    Stacey @ www.justsayitoldyouso.com

  6. Ohhh both of my children have done that. Not pretty.

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  7. Awww. Was he going for the "Moe" look of the 3 stooges? =) I'm sure it'll be alright, and look at those big beautiful blue eyes!

  8. Uhh ohh.. I think about every kid does it at least once. At least little boys can have mohawks :)

  9. omg, lol. When I worked in a daycare I remember a mom bringing in her two daughters. One had decided to cut the others while they were sleeping. lol

  10. Good job with the fix!!

    New follower from take it from me: Welcome Wednesday. I look forward to keeping up. Thanks for Sharing

    The Miller's from
    Prezidential Life


  11. Oh No! The spike looks good though. :p lol Happy Wednesday

  12. And the annoying thing was: we had just come back from the hairdresser! I guess my son got inspired…

    I visited you all back! Thanks for the comments. I guess cutting your hair as a kid, is kind of like having chicken pox: we all have to go through it once.

  13. Oh no! I dread the day my kids get the itch to cut their hair. But good save mom!

    New follower from It's Almost Friday Blog Hop.

  14. oh no! Well at least hair groans back, right? :)

  15. Hello, I'm a new gfc follower of your blog :)

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  17. It seemed many kids go through this event with the scissors. What a great save.

  18. I love how not only his hair, but facial expression, changes from one shot to the next...precious!


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