Why does parenting make me feel like this?!

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Hi new follower from the blog hop
    Very nice blog I enjoyed reading it
    please visit me at mine over in the uk anytime.

  2. So true! Following from voiceBoks! http://mommateacherlady.blogspot.com/

  3. Teeeehhheee! Sometimes, indeed!

    Visiting from vB!

  4. Love it!! (My little Monkey's favorite right now)

    stopping in from vB.

  5. stopping in with vB--LOL had many of those days !!!!!

  6. Doesn't it make us all feel like this sometimes, but hopefully we don't LOOK like this =)

  7. You are pretty funny! I found your blog on BHSJW blog hop- glad I did! I'm a mom of three and a lot of what you say resonates with me!

    Hope you'll stop by my blog for a visit- I'm not funny but I like to make things! www.occasionallycrafty.blogspot.com

    Have a great week-

  8. I have felt like that a lot lately! I love the pic! Visiting and following via Welcome Wednesday hop...hop over to my blog and follow back if you like... http://mom4realky.blogspot.com

    Jessica K

  9. hahaha I feel that way too! new follower from vB.


  10. I think it just comes with the territory! haha. Love this. I'm following you. :)

  11. Ha ha! how true....lol!

    Here is mine!

  12. Hahaha! Mommyhood does bring out the best and worst in me, that's true:) I believe one of my darling teens once mentioned to "hurry, throw water on her" I must have done something awful...like saying, um, no. 5? that's a pile, I have 5 myself:) I honestly feel a lot like the velveteen rabbit lately! Visiting from VB:)

  13. YOu are doing great as long as the kids don't start singing "Ding Dong the witch is dead" BTW I feel like this multiple times a day then feel guilty that I am so happy to see them go to Grandmas.


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