Effective parenting: 'Mommy will be back in an hour!'

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  1. Haha really nice use, where can i get one of those for my kids? could use something like that myself so that i can get stuff done when the kids are around :)


  2. ROTFLMAO!!!
    What a hoot!
    My daughter would play on that thing for an hour! Great WW!
    Stopping in with vB =D

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  4. ROFL!! That... is....just....funny!!

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  5. The Daddy in time out one was my favorite. My dad used to say "Do as I say, not as I do" but that doesn't really stick, does it! Sadly at my house I'm usually the guilty one.

    As far as the black eyeliner thing, remember, the more shocked you act, the more they like it. In the big scheme of things, I guess black eyeliner isn't all that bad (I say this now because my own son is only 11. Ask me again in a few years.)

    Great blog--lots of funny stuff. I love to find one that is more than just reviews and giveaways to read! Keep writing!


  6. Wow.. funny click...sort of adventurous ;)

    Here is my WW click.

    Stopping from VB members to remember and following you!

  7. Haa ha, great picture!!! Also, I love your comment instructions, based on the comments you got, not sure everyone has read them : )

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  8. Cute! Sometimes I like just going out of their range, but close enough to watch what they're doing...you can learn a lot about your kid that way!

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  10. Look at me mom.

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  12. This made me laugh...I definitely step out for a moment on occasion!

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  14. Great photo!!! Great idea too! Lol!

  15. Be careful while playing little boy.
    You have a great shot. Love it.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  16. Haha too funny! The path behind our house has exercise equipment along the path, and it's so funny to see these kids playing on them.

  17. New follower.... I love your pictures. I especially like the one with the mom on the floor with all the arrows. Perfect!
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  18. I love it!

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