How can I miss you, if you won't go away?

'How can I miss you if you won't go away,' Eldon Hunt wondered, and I belted along in total agreement.

Now that the kids have finally left for school, I can feel how much I miss them in the blissful silence of an empty house. Suddenly I remember how much I love them, as I sip my coffee without interruptions, or little voices shouting: 'Mommy, he looked at me funny!'

I hope they won't be back for a while, so I can miss them some more.
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  1. I love your blog, am a new follower and stopping by from the Friend Finding Fridays. Would love a follow back


  2. Funny how they can drive you crazy and when you finally get some peace and quiet, you start to miss them like crazy!

  3. LOVE your site! I am a new follower from the Friday Blog Hop. Please stop by my site at and follow me back on Google Friend Connect and Networked Blogs. I look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  4. Hi! My children are all married now, but I can remember when! Although now all I have is memories of missing them then, but now I miss them 24/7! Don't blink it goes by too fast. I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you Hope you have time to stop by me, and follow me too! Thanks and have a great weekend.

  5. LOL, looking forward to seeing your child at the end of a day is the best. The hugs and kisses are the sweetest :0)

  6. I'm enjoying missing my daughter each day. Of course, I had to get over the nervousness of her going to kindergarten in the first place.


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