I was taking a shower, enjoying some peace and quiet. Then my eldest son ran in, with barely concealed glee, brandishing a note. The note read: 'Fuk'.

'Mommy! That's the word daddy said! I wrote it down so I could show you, because we're not allowed to use thóse words!'
I frowned sternly, partly because because it's hard to raise kids, if you also have to teach your hubby some manners. And partly because of his bad spelling!

'How much punishment should daddy get?' my son asked joyfully. But before I could give him my verdict he added: 'How old is daddy?'
'So daddy should get a time-out of 46 minutes!' and he thundered down the stairs to give my husband the good news.

it just goes to show: giving a time-out by way of punishment is very useful.

It's just a pity our kids are handing them out to ús.
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  1. OM gosh, that is too funny! What a cute story to tell him when he grows up! Thanks for sharing, this made me smile.

  2. I think daddy should wash his mouth out with soap...I think it'll be much more visually entertaining.

  3. LOL. We all have those "oops" moments don't we. I can't say I've never sworn in front of my kids. And you're too funny about the spelling. And just between you and me, I'd take a 40 minute time-out any day! ;) Might have to start swearing just to get the timeouts.

  4. Michelle, I like your way of thinking!!!

  5. Ha ... too funny. My daughter loves to tattle.

  6. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks...lol. Now following from social Mondays. Blessings!


  7. How quickly they learn.

  8. That's so funny. We have a swearing jar in our house so that every time someone says something they shouldn't they have to put a quarter in the swearing job. We figure it will help us and our visitors to keep a clean mouth around the baby and build up her college fund a little.

    Cozy Creations

  9. lol - poor hubby! So did he get the time out?
    I saw your post down below about the scissors. I feel your pain - my daughter have herself a haircut a couple weeks ago, cutting off about 8 inches from her bangs and sides. sigh.

  10. How cute!

    I'm visiting from Mingle Monday!


  11. Sounds fair to me! (Your husband might view it as more of a reward though!)

  12. LOL! That is so funny! Kids are continuous sources of amusement (and headaches, but we won't go there).

  13. My 4 year old repeats everything and DH just doesn't seem to get it. I panic in fear of the day, he repeats something at school.
    I guess sometimes as parents we have to be ready for time out, cause....well, I guess we know better. lol

  14. I love how your son wrote it down because he is not allowed to say such things!! Thanks for cracking me up, as usual!!!

  15. LOL this was such a cute story. If my 2-year old son hears someone say a bad word he says, "Don't say that, that's a bad word." Loved this post!

  16. Hi everybody, I visited everyone and left comments where I could.

    Rachel Joy, I've forgotten how to get to your blog! But I wanted you to know I tried to hop by, because I really appreciate your comments!

  17. =D
    got to love kids who are on their toes-maybe its a good thing he misspelled THAT word LOL


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