As a mom I do a lot of wringing of the hands. Usually with a wet rag in between.

And my poor, delicate hands pay the price, so last week I liberally applied Gehwohl, a cream for dry feet. I figured: if it works for feet, it will also work on hands! Afterwards I left the tube lying around, somewhere in the area of the kids' toothbrushes. I'm real domestic that way.

And that is why this morning, my hubby looked at me malevolently and declared: 'You shouldn't put your foot cream near the toothpaste! I accidentally brushed my teeth with it!'

Now, there are memories you cherish for ever, and I knew right away: 'This one is priceless!' So when I'm feeling a bit down, I take it out of my box of memories, and I laugh! Really hard.

And when I encounter hubby, I can't help but greet: 'Geh wohl!' and 'Grüss Gott!'
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  1. LOL! This sounds like something my husband would do...and I would, of course, tease him mercilessly as well.


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