I had a dream!

'I remember a dream I had, way back in 1999,' my fourteen year old told me in the tone of voice of a man who has seen many things in his life, and is now considering getting some blinkers.

I love this kind of personal stuff, so I drooled: 'Please, tell me more!'
'We were sitting at the table, having dinner.'

Breathlessly I waited for the rest of the story, but when my whole life started to flash by due to lack of oxygen, I asked: 'And then?!'

'That was it.'
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  1. it certainly was off to a great start, lol! when i saw the title i had to come check it out because i had just written about my dream today, too.

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  2. new follower from the hop


  3. Well that was a short dream, bet it left everyone wondering what happened.


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