The joke's on mom

A mom's journey is filled with boobytraps and bad jokes.

For example: Do you know the one about the mom who went to the toystore, to get her child the toy said child had whined about for months?
When she got home, her kid didn't like it.


And do you know the joke about the mom who went through a whole lot of trouble to create her kid's favourite dish?
Her kid took one look at it, and refused to eat it.


And here's a good one: do you know the one about the mom who tought she would have a moment of peace?
She didn't get it!


And this one will have you rolling on the floor laughing: do you know the one about the mom who was going to do everything different? Better, sweeter and more patient?
She failed!


Like I said: the path of a mom is filled with really bad jokes.
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  1. Very cute and true! With five kids I'm sure you get a lot of these. New follower from the VB hop. Hope you'll stop by:

  2. haha, WORD! makes life interesting, though, doesn't it?!!

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  3. Right, I can hardly breathe for laughing.

  4. LOL, so true and very funny!!

  5. Very funny!!!! Glad that God gives us moments when the joke is not on us!!!!

    Like the mom with the magic kisses to make the boo boo stop hurting. Doctors can't bottle that stuff! :)


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