You can't do everything!

In anticipation of a visit from a posh, elderly lady, I'd gone through the house like a human whirlwind, removing all the evidence of a household suffering from neglect.

As a final touch I sprayed floral scents all around me, making the house smell like a meadow. Or a very cheap bathroom. I even remembered to clean up our entrance: I swept our sidewalk and removed all the kids' toys. Then I looked around me, and I saw that it was good.

My posh lady duly arrived, and we had a highly polished conversation about stuff, while we drank tea from delicate porcelain cups I'd scored in the local thrift shop. Then I had to go to the toilet, because all that tea made my bladder complain. So I excused myself for a moment, and when I got back I saw my visitor standing in front of our living room window. The one that looks out on to our back garden.

And that's when it hit me: THE GARDEN! I've forgotten to clean up the back yard! Silently I stood beside her, and together we looked at the wasteland before us.

Then I mumbled: 'Well…'
She turned to me and kindly said: 'Honey, you can't be expected to do everything!'

Long after she was gone, I hugged those words to me. And when hubby came home, and complained about dinner not being ready I replied: 'Honey, I can't be expected to do everything!'
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  1. I love the comment made by your posh, elderly friend. It is so true. As women, it is so hard to be everything to everyone and be a super homemaker etc.

    Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. Fun post! It's true, we can't be expected to do everything. I work full time and come home and have to do just about everything!
    I am already following you, just added your button to my page.

  3. Great post!
    New follower here from the Saturday hop,
    Hope you will follow back, thanks.

  4. Lol! Thanks for the laugh! I had a similar experience when my guest mistakenly walked into my bedroom. It's where I'd stashed all of the clutter!

    Found you from the GFC hop at MBS. blogging at

  5. Hi! New follower here! I am going to use your quote lots—thanks :)

    Suz from WelltoDo

  6. New follower :)

  7. Love that. what a great comment and so very true 8-)

    Happy new follower from the over 40 blog hop.

  8. That's so true! I think we spread ourselves too thin all too often, and can't be expected to either.

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  9. Hi I given you a versitile blogger award cos your oneof our favourites

  10. Ha this was funny :)
    No, you can't do everything but why is it the one thing you didn't get done is the one thing that is noticed?
    Cute post!

  11. I have a difficult time remembering that myself sometimes! Great post.

    New follower from Tuesday Tag. Have a great week.

    Ruthie J.

  12. LOL! Love it! New follower from the TOT hop! I hope you'll follow back! Thanks!
    Through the Eyes of a Tiger

  13. Thats exactly how my back yard garden area looks!! Hubby and I got it cleaned up a bit this weekend, after 5 MONTHS..... time for fall planting!!! You cannot DO EVERYTHING!!!
    Love your writing, new follower from


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