Messy Home?

Neighbourhood kids often look around around our happy home, and declare: 'It's só messy in here! Our house looks much better.'

This observation baffles me, because I think our house looks quite well, thank you! But, seven people live in it, and perhaps that explains their cruel judgment. Besides, I suspect their parents of Minimalism!

Yesterday the boy next door had a new point of critique: 'Your front door is always open! Burglars can walk right in!'
'Well,' I struck back, 'that's because you never close the front door behind you!'

That one he had to think about. After a few minutes of solemn silence he told me in hopeful tones: 'Perhaps burglars will steal all your stuff, and then your house won't be messy anymore!'
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  1. This is way too funny!!! Personally I belive very strongly is messy homes, I feel that they show it's a very happy home!! Of course I have to say this because my home is on the messy side as well, and my car, well, lets not even go there!!! I always enjoy your posts, you have a great site!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. what a smart kid...I can tell by the use of his vernacular. Who says "perhaps" anymore other than British people and the baby boomer generation...

  3. Out of the mouths of babes...I love that you shared that fun story with us. Great way to start the week :)

  4. What a little smarty pants!

  5. Ha! I love it. And really, this is a good cleaning tip too. Next time the house is a mess, I'm just going to leave the door open. Do you think the burglars will vacuum and dust after they steal our stuff? :)

  6. thats too funny cheeky little mite!!

  7. Love your blog! FUNNY!

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