I've got a headache

Now that the dust of Summer Vacation has fínally settled, I took some time to look around me and perhaps smell some roses.

And the first thing I saw, was hubby. He looked kind of dusty and neglected, so I decided to do some work on our relationship.

Considering both my mom and Dr. Laura, say the way to please a man is through good food and sex, and we were all out of food, I decided it would be great idea to do the Soca Dance! In my mind I saw myself dancing in one of those very short skirts, gyrating my buns into his crotch. Or perhaps his belly, because he's not very tall…

I got all fired up and presented the idea to hubby. But instead of jumping for joy with such a great wife, he said he had a headache and 'didn't want to'.

So I fear I'll have to make a trip to the supermarket to get some food.

Look at what hubby is missing out on!

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  1. What a fun blog! I'm your newest follower from www.myparentingcoach.com Come by and say hello:)

  2. New follower,

  3. Thank you for visiting me at Katherines Corner Big VB♥ and hugs

  4. Hello following you from the hop look forward to reading your posts
    hope you will stop bye and visit me

  5. Bwahahaha! That was hilarious! Loved the video. As a fan of Dr. Laura myself may I suggest that perhaps you just needed to get one of those hairstyles like the ladies in the video. In addition, I have read that sex helps take headaches AWAY!

    So much for that old argument for the ladies, but the men? I dunno. Lately my husband has been to "tired." I don't care if he gets up at 4am! Gimme me some!!!

    Sharon from VB

  6. I love your site, you know, because I like to laugh and your posts make me do just that. :o)

    I grabbed your button!

    Little Miss Nerd Girl

  7. OK Nicole, I promise I'm not stalking you but you are HILARIOUS. I'm actually from the Caribbean and I agree that hubby missed out on the soca dance thingy **wink** ha ha..Ok I'm going to follow you now


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