I like myself

It's lonely at the top, so I had taken some time out of my busy schedule, to like myself on Facebook. A lot.

I was very pleased with the result, because obviously, I was a popular girl!

But my joy was shortlived, because soon after, my eldest son came down the stairs, laughing so hard he almost tripped. Between laughs he managed to squeeze out: 'Mom liked hersélf at Facebook. Lots of times! How sad is that?!'

So I told hím: 'How do you know that was mé! Many people like me a lot!'
'Because when you like someone, your name appears behind it.' my daughter informed me.
'Oh…' I whispered, feeling myself turning an ugly Heinz Ketchup red.

When they were finally done laughing, my son said in the tone of voice usually reserved for the terminally ill: 'Do you want me to remove them for you mom? And then I'll like you!'
I nodded gratefully.

But when I logged into my Facebook page I saw he hadn't liked me.
He'd poked me...
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  1. Very funny post!! Isn't it horrible when we have to do things for ourselves!! Lol!! I'm pretty sure I like you, but I will check and at least say hi to you!! Thanks for a fun post!!

  2. I love your blog! haha. I got the same reaction...too funny.

  3. LOL Funny!
    I am your newest fan dropping by from the Monday Hop! Hope you will visit my site to say hi!


  4. How cheeky and sweet of him. Sometimes ust useful when they are savy with technoloy isn't it, lol

  5. LOL! I still don't understand what the whole "poke" thing is on FB. Hilarious post! I always enjoy reading your blog!

  6. Hi there...I found you on Baby Feet and Puppy Breath...you're funny. I nearly laughed out loud at you liking yourself..LOL


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