Rated UM: Unsuitable for Moms!

Why isn't there a symbol for movies that warns: 'Totally Unsuitable For Moms'?!

There I was, innocently tuning into a series called Love my Way, a big bowl of potato chips on my lap. But just as I crammed the first fistful of chips into my mouth, the eight year old girl of one of the main characters died. Right there on the screen. I totally choked up, the potato chips catching in my throat.

I tried to tell myself: 'It's not real! The actress playing the eight year old girl probably wanted a raise, thereby earning herself an early death!'
But it was no use, and soon I sat there choking back not only my salty chips, but also salty tears.

So I turned off the tv, and went to look for my kids. And when I found them I gave them a big, smelly potatoe chips hug. Because that's love my way!

Rated UfM: Unsuitable for Moms

These kinds of scenes really should come with a warning! I feel it is my civic duty as a mom to start my very own list of movies that are UfM: Unsuitable for Moms!

And the first movie that I'ld like to nominate is…. drum rolls and stuf:

Sophie's Choice!

Which movies do you rate UfM?!
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  1. awwwww! I love this :) coming by from chasing rainbow. :) come by and say hi! http://thebrookiecookie.blogspot.com/

  2. I totally agree. Having said that most things upset me since becoming a mom, even nature shows. I hate seeing anyone or anything getting hurt.

  3. I totally know how you feel. Anything I watch with something horrible happening to a baby/child always gets me so sad. I have never watched Sophie's Choice!

  4. I'd like to add 'My Sister's Keeper'
    because although I'm not a Mum.. it makes me so upset thinking about the WHAT IF's?

    The Lovely Bones should be on there for the same reason..

  5. My Sister's Keeper should indeed be on the list as should The Lovely Bones! Anything with dying kids should definitely be rated UfM!

    @a Mommy's Lifestyle: do not watch Sophie's Choice, I repeat: do NOT watch Sophie's Choice. It'll break your heart.

  6. Following from Blog Trail Tuesday

  7. Yes, we do need a TUFM rating for movies! I tend to ask my older son about movies...he knows my likes/dislikes the best and never steers me wrong! I am looking for bloggers to participate in 25 Day's of Christmas Blogshare...check out the post and leave a comment if you are interested in participating!

  8. You have a great sense of humour! stopping in tosay hi - I already follow you from the hop - hope you have time to visit and return the favor soon - oh, and read my shameless plug for my $0.99 book that is on sale :) www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com


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