Classic: Kid wants a pet, mom doesn't

The kids' longing for a pet is like nits: the minute you start to relax they pop up again.

So this morning I performed the classicical play: 'Kid wants a pet, but mom doesn't'. My co-star was my son Ot (10), who can be summed up by the slogan of a Malibu Rum commercial. He's 'seriously easy going'.

'Mom, can I have a pet?' he opened with the first line.
'No, mommy thinks pets are stupid. When you're grown-up you can buy one yourself!' I spit out, 'cause I was going with an anger theme.

Instead of appreciating this good news Ot, who obviously knows himself well, whined: 'But then I'll still be living at home!'
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  1. In our house, it's mommy and kids want another pet but daddy doesn't! It's probably good he's around or I'd have about 100 pets! Have a great weekend!

  2. I pondering on whether to get my wee man a rabbit but pets are such a tie aren't they??


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