Parenting 101

When your child goes on a school field trip, or heads of to camp, it is very important to hide your motherly doubts and fears in a place deep inside of you, so as not to bother your kid with yóúr bagage.


The mom in picture 1A has not understood this important principle. She has positioned herself on the floor, with her arms around the legs of her child, in a futile attempt to keep the kid from leaving.

The ríght attitude for field trips

The mom in picture 3c has positioned her body the right way! She's holding herself in a way that depicts joy and pleasure.

This free parenting class was offered to you by Momfever Inc.
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  1. Hmm, I wonder if I will want to lean more toward the first photo once we get to that age. I will have to remember your parenting class haha!

  2. I was picture number 1 when it was time for me move away from home for the first time! I didn't want to leave my mommy. :)

    I'm your newest follower from the hop!


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