Random conversation

'I saw you at the store, looking at refrigerators!' the guy at the local bakery told me.
I blanched, because I had neither seen, nor noticed him, and I always worry people think I'm a snob. Which I am, so it's hard work to avoid looking like one.

So I overcompensated by telling him my life story, finishing with the exciting news of our upcoming move to the country.
'And that is why I was looking for refrigerators,' I finally finished my story. The local bakery guy looked a bit stunned.

'And why were you there?' I asked, because conversations are all about taking and giving.
'I bought my wife an iron for our 25th anniversary,' he said, and I searched his face for any telltale bruises while biting my tongue to avoid commiserating with his wife.

But things could get worse for his poor wife, because he added: 'And it didn't work! So I had to return it. Now I got her blender.'

Suddenly I felt like I shóúld have snubbed him intentionally.
As a token to women everywhere.
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  1. Poor woman! My husband got instructions early that my presents(unless requested) should never come with plug in electrical cords. Just the rules! And he has obeyed!

  2. Some guys just don't get it, that's why I love the Boots Xmas ad with ladies helping the clueless husband. I told hubby from the onset of marriage I don't want any 'gifts' that are for the house. I am not a house, lol.


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