Saying goodbye

When I walked my two youngest to school last Monday I, whispered: 'Ot and Pete, do you realize this is the very last Monday we'll be walking this way to school? After we move to the country, we'll have to ride bíkes to get to your new school.'

And when Tuesday arrived, I announced in solemn tones: 'Ot and Pete, this is a memorable moment! It's the last Tuesday we're walking the walk to school. Let's take a moment to consider this.'

On Wednesday I said: 'I can't believe this is the last Wednesday we're walking to school together. Can you feel how special this is?'

On Thursday I walked the kids to school in my running clothes and I declared: 'This is a solemn occasion, because this is our last Thursday walking this route.'

Then, on Friday, I took a deep breath to tell the kids how special that day was. But before I could get the words out, Ot en Pete shouted: 'Yeah yeah mom!!! We knów, it's the last day of school. Stop saying that all the time!' And then they ran off.

And as I watched them go, I realized: 'I'm sick of saying goodbye.
The time has come to actually leave!'
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  1. The resilience of children really impress me :0)


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