Bird Watching

Deep down I've always known: I should have been the mom of one of those nature children. You know, the kind that plays outside all day? The fact that my kids are glued to their WII, Computer and Nintendo's, is obviously the result of too much city living.

So now that we live in the country, I smelled an opportunity to help my Inner Nature Mom blossom. I decided to start with my youngest, Piet, thinking he would be the easiest to brainwash.

I lured him outside with tales about birds and squirrels, and pushed Bird Watching for Dummies into his little backpack.
'Here honey! You go birdwatching, and then later you can tell mommy all about it! I won't expect you back for the next four hours!'

It seemed to work! Pete ran upstairs to find his binoculars, and ran outside to do some serious bird watching. From the kitchen window I tried to spot some birds myself, but they must have all gone down south, sipping martini's in the sun.

Apparently though, I didn't look hard enough, because twenty minutes later Pete ran in with an impressive list of birds he'd seen. Among them the very rare Great Spotted Cuckoo.

That night I jotted them in my little notebook: 'Today I saw an 8-year old Fibber.'
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  1. Aw, the little guy was trying to please his mom! Love it! Http://

  2. What a cute story! What a smart little guy!


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