Boomerang Syndrome

Moving house is a process. A process in which you have to let go of the old, and embrace the new.

Because I felt it was important the kids were aware of this process, I felt it was my maternal duty to remind them about our upcoming move. Repetitively.
So when I served them macaroni and cheese, I said: 'This is the very last time you're having macaroni and cheese in this house!'
And when I hosed them down in the bath tub, I observed: 'This will be your last time in this bath tub.'

Unfortunately this mindfulness has turned against me! Because now that we're in our new home, my kids are shouting: 'This is the first time in thís house mommy!' all the time. And last night my youngest farted loudly, and said: 'That's my first fart in this house mommy!'

Boomerang syndrome

This boomerang effect, is a highly prevalent parenting phenomenon, called Boomerang Syndrome. You know you've fallen victim to Boomerang Syndrome when your own parenting techniques suddenly turn against you.

You won't hear experts talking about this syndrome though, because they are covering it up. They want you to follow their parenting advice, and buy their parenting books! They don't care that, their advice is going to bite you in the ass.

But whenever the kids taunt me by saying things like: 'That's our first fight in our new home!' I have the final word.

I just say: 'It won't be the last time!'
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