Young love

Six hours, that's how long my eldest daughter's very first Relationship lasted.

But when her new love felt the need to publish his love for her on Facebook, with some heartfelt lines, she ended it immediately.
'And he even wanted to see me every day!' she explained, looking exasperated.

An hour later a message appeared on the Facebookpage of her ex: 'Abandoned already'. I feel this boy has got a great future ahead of him as a writer of Country and Western songs!
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  1. Yes, that's the way the kids roll these days! With social media the pressure to declare a status is huge...and intimidating. Glad she made it through ok.

  2. Aww bless, poor him but sounds like you have a strong confidant daughter. Well done mama :0)

    1. (can't seem to find the normal 'comment' button so am replying here. I find this so hilarious. I feel for the boy, but I love your daughters response to him putting it up on facebook. Classic!

  3. 6 hours?? Ahhhh, young love! Have a FABulous day Darling... xoxo


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