How to rule out school sickness?!

I like things clearcut. So whenever my kids exhibit all kinds of vague symptoms, I wring my hands in despair, wondering how to rule out a severe case of school sickness.

But, after doing many hours of research in my secret lab, I have developed a foolproof method to rule out school sickness!

'If you're really sick, you can stay home. But since you're really sick you have to stay in bed all day, without your tv, Nintendo, iPod, laptop, WII and Playstation.'

This usually leads to instant recovery!

But when my eldest son reported to me this morning with the announcement: 'My stomach hurts,' he agreed to everything.
To be sure, I asked: 'And you're sure your stomach doesn't hurt because you feel so bad about having to go to school?
'If that were the case, my stomach would hurt everyday,' he said.

So I tucked him in with lots of TLC.
And his iPod, laptop, WII, Nintendo, Playstion and tv.
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  1. Awww...I hate it when my kids are sick. Especially when they are sick enough to turn down their favorite electronic babysitters! I hope he's feeling better soon.

  2. Hi there, crazed in the kitchen! I hate it when my kids are sick too, although it does bring out the love in me!

  3. I like you--I really like you! Great post!

  4. I have done that test with my 7 year old as well. She ends up going to school. :)

    Im following you from the Welcome Wednesday via google+.


  5. That is too funny!! I havent had many run ins with my 7 y/o faking sick, but I will have to remember your test if she does!!

    I am a new follower from the hop!! I hope you can find time to check out my space in blogland, Thoughts from Tiffani!!


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