Odd couple!

I love chocolate, and I love cheese. But the two together? I'm not so sure... And neither is comedien Jennifer Saunders in this funny rant!

Have you tried Philadelphia with Cadbury?
Does it sound appealing to you?
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  1. I've never understood the chocolate and cheese combo, but I believe it's rather popular in Asia.
    In Australia, we have a very beloved chocolate biscuit, the TimTam. In a number of Asian nations they sell a cheese flavoured variety that I believe combines cheese and white chocolate.. ick!

  2. I'm from Asia but I've never heard of it.. maybe it's not popular here in the Philippines. But I'd give it a try though, just so I know what it tastes like :)

  3. Chocolate and cheese?? I am with her, my throat closes at the thought! haha yuk! I suppose it could depend on the cheese..I would have to try it to completely KNOCK It, but it would be hard to take that first bite. My brain can't get around the two together!

  4. I have never tried this product, but I have had chocolate cream cheese before, it taste just like Chocolate Cheesecake. Not bad! I don't think I would like Chocolate and cheddar though or brie! Lol! You never fail to make me smile when I visit you!! Take care!

  5. I would definitely try this. It doesn't sound that bad to me. I adore Jennifer Saunders, and love that she is back on Absolutely Fabulous on the BBC America channel! Yay!

    I just commented on your other blog, and found your link to this one:)

  6. Ummm.....I haven't tried the Cadbury but I love chocolate cheesecake, so the combo can't be too bad. Now I want some :)

  7. Eh - as far as a box of chocolates goes the only ones I eat are the solid ones and the ones with caramel. The rest I bite and put them back and save them for when I'm desperate. So what I am saying is, in a desperate chocolate moment - I would try it ;-)


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