Open plan kitchen or separate kitchen?

Apart from my student days, when I lived in an student flat, I have always had an open plan kitchen.

And I'm not even a fan! I mean, why would you wánt people to see you pottering about, trying to create a meal? Not to mention the fact that a week later, people may come in, sniff the air and say: 'Ah, you had lasagna for dinner?!'

Luckily, since our move to the country, I am the domestic goddess of a separate kitchen*. And I really like it. I like that we have separate living areas. During the day we spend most of our time in the kitchen, and then after dinner we all move into the living room. And when I'm in the living room I feel like I can really relax.

Especially when I simply close the door on the mess that is the kitchen.

What do you have: an open plan kitchen or a separate one?

*This is my new, separate kitchen!
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  1. Just the other day I was browsing house plans online and noticed the separate kitchen seems to be a thing of the past, which deeply saddened me.

  2. We have a separate kitchen which is great. I think food smells are best in the kitchen. Nautrally if you're backing or frying the smell may travel but don't like going to sleeping and waking next morning and still smelling was cooked hours before. We had the problem with our one bed flat.

  3. Mine is a little of both...but these days many people like to congregate in the kitchen, whether it's open or not! If they do, I put them to work!

  4. I grew up in Asia, where they would never dream of having a kitchen in your house, let alone in your dining room! So since moving back to the US last year and into a house with an open kitchen, I must say, it is taking some getting used to. I do miss my separate kitchen, and do hope to have one again someday...when we can afford it! :-)

    1. I'd better clarify...there is usually a separate room outside of the main house where the kitchen is located, or at least it is separated by a door!

    2. It's interesting to read how the household is organized in different countries!


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