Clue for Moms!

Clue for moms

From the creators of the Walmart Cone and the Blinker, there now comes an exciting, and new game: Clue for Moms!

Clue for Moms where everything revolves around that one, all important question: 'Who ate Mom's secret stash of chocolate Easter bunnies?!'

Players: 7
Ages: 9 and up

Clue for moms: Object of the game!

Mom has met with foul play! Her secret stash of easter bunnies has gone missing from her office. To win, you must determine the answers to these three question: Who done it? When? And are there any easter bunnies left?

Every player is a detective, and can make a Suggestion as to who done it, and thus determine the coward who ate Mom's chocolate easter bunnies. The one who makes the right Accusation first wins the game and may call himself Master Detective or Mom.

Variations on Clue for moms

Clue for moms offers several other cruel, and heartbreaking mysteries for you to solve!
  1. Who forgot to put the cheese back in the refrigerator and caused it to sweat like Richard Nixon during the presidential debate in1960?
  2. Who put mom's name on the list to help out at school?!
  3. Who played hairdresser with poor Barbie again?!
  4. Who said mom would just lóve to coach the soccerteam of kids diagnosed with ADHD?
  5. Who put mom's name down for a school field trip to DisneyWorld? 
  6. Who broke the vase, and cowardly left the scene of the crime without cleaning it up?
  7. Who put Barbie and Action man in a very compromising position?
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  1. That's funny stuff! :) Yesterday it was "Who shredded this toilet paper all over the floor?"

    The party's almost over! Hope you stop by. Ultimate Blog Party 2012

  2. I love it! At my house it's often who put an empty milk container back in the fridge!

  3. Yup or who wiped boogers on Mom's shirt and how did she not notice they were there???

  4. I love it. What a fun idea you have shared.We really do need to have some humor. It makes the fun times more fun and the harder times easier to deal with.


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