Who should NOT play Christian Grey

It's the question of a lifetime: 'To be or not to be' and 'Who should play Christian Grey?' (Don't know the story of Christian Grey? Check out my post: 8 thoughts on 50 shades of grey)

There are already lots of posts about who should play this tormented soul, who only needs the tender loving care of a good woman to kiss his booboos away. So I decided to create a list of men who should NOT play his character.

Five actors who should NOT play Christian Grey

Brad Pitt: he's too old, and there's something sunny-side-up about the guy that wouldn't match Christian Grey's broodiness. Even though he's married to Angelina Jolie.

George Clooney: again, too old. And too old.

Tom Cruise: waaaay too short, and also too clean cut. Besides, someone who jumped the shark by jumping the couch, shouldn't be seen in any serious role again.

McDreamy: he looks too dreamy and vulnerable. Besides I hear he's dyslectic so how's he gonna learn lines that have him say things like: 'I'ld like to claim your ass.'

Hugh Grant: Hugh Grant who? Where did he disappear to?

Which actors do you think should NOT play Christian Grey?
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  1. I'd watch Brad Pitt in anything! Can't wait to read this book.

  2. Can't wait to read it either! And what ever did happen to Hugh Grant?

    Warmest regards,

  3. Perhaps he's in jail again, for soliciting a hooker? I'll never forget his face on his police mug shot…
    Then again: he says he's really lazy, so perhaps that's why he seems to have disappeared.

  4. I love Hugh Grant too bad he's not in movies anymore. Who should not play Christian Grey??? Pierce Brosnan {I think that man is brilliant, but not for this character.}

  5. Now, this is an interesting post! It's funny how these days, since all the good books are turned into films, I find myself wondering who would play all the characters in whatever book I'm reading. I've really wondered about Christian {and Anastasia for that matter}.
    Now, unless I've gone crazy, I recall that he's darker skinned so definitely no to all the boys you have listed. Nowhere near attractive or perfect enough to play Christian. Also no to Christian Bale.
    I say yes to a Mario Van Peebles (is that his name?!) or younger Lenny Kravitz type with longer hair.
    Have you read the second book yet? On this weekend's agenda.

  6. Don't know the character but the reasons why those actors were out was funny. And where have I been Brad and Angelina finally got married?


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