Cat versus Dog Homesickness

If I were an animal, I would probably be a cat. Because even if I go on vacation with my whole family I still get homesick. I can't help but pine for our familiar, comfortable home whenever I'm away from it.

Dogs on the other hand get attached to people, and their human equivalent doesn't get homesick as long as she's surrounded with the people she loves.

This is why there are two types of homesickness: the cat kind and the dog kind. I get the catlike homesickness.

So I'm not just a Stay At Home Mom. I'm a Stay At Home Person.

Which one do you get? Or are you lucky enough to suffer from neither kind of homesickness?

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  1. This post made me miss my Stalin even more! He's my Shih Tzu poodle who would've turned six this year, had he not passed away last February. :(

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    Oh I miss my cat Precious after reading this post!

  3. Adorable picture! My cat sure loved prowling his surrounding neighborhood, where my dog has to stay by my side. I love the idea that cats really miss their "territory"!

  4. I'm not sure which type I would experience...I think both if I were away too long...but for the most part I'll go w/the dog theory. I don't like to be away from my people for too awful long. :)

  5. I'm probably a dog kind of person, especially when I'm surrounded with family! I've been going to New Jersey since I was little and I'd get home sick a little bit but when I'm around my family, I'd be so happy!

  6. LOL interesting. I am a dog lover but I totally have catlike homesickness - my bed, my bathroom, my computer, my spot and so on.........

  7. I am the same as dogs but love to be home. But now that I think about it, I think my dog has catlike homesickness, too! She never wanders and loves to be home!

  8. I suffer from both...most of the time. There are moments when I feel the opposite. Fortunately, those moments are short.

  9. I think I am the dog kind... but who knows. This was really cute and made me think of all my pets that are now in doggie heaven. Thank you for sharing.


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