Is it okay to show some bra strap?

As a teenager of the eighties, I learned it didn't do to show your bra straps.

A lot has changed since then, and now it seems it's quite alright to show some strap. I see lots of women walking around wearing tops with spaghetti bands, showing their bra.

However, even though it's no longer nót 'not done', I still think it looks messy to show your bra straps. So I turned to plastic bra straps in my hour of need, only to take them off again, because they feel scratchy and sweaty. Then I figured, I'ld try to match the color of my top with my bra, so the straps wouldn't be so obvious. That helped a bit, but still, elegant it was not.

So now I simply make sure my tops hide any bra straps. So no more slinky tops with spaghetti straps for me.

What do you think: does it do to show your bra straps?

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  1. I wouldn't show mine either. I think it looks messy/dirty, but that's just me!

  2. I don't think so. I think underwear's not meant to be seen. However, there are some that have cute 'fancy' straps and if it matches with the top then I guess it can pass. I tend to use strapless bras or bras with transparent straps depending on thin the straps of top garment are.

  3. I grew up during the age that NO you do not show the straps. In fact - we would safety pin the straps to our tops if needed to keep them from peeking out. Nowadays I don't worry too much about it if one sneaks out every now and then. But wearing a bra with a spaghetti strap top does not look right. Any time the bra strap is wider than the top strap it is a NO GO in my book.


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